Prepare your business
for the future of retail.

Kantar Retail believes that the only successful way to grow in tomorrow's retail environment is by engaging with your customers in a collaborative, value-added basis. Our calendar features training workshops and forums across a variety of markets and retail channels, all designed to enable our clients to build relationships with the retailers and shoppers that are driving growth globally and nationally.

Topical Forums

Frame future trends, topical best practice, and best-in-class case studies within Kantar Retail's unique insights on the surrounding, evolving retail landscape.

Mid-Year & Year-End Forums

Build and validate planning assumptions, calibrate plan execution with a new understanding of the possible, and gain the tools to capture faster-than-market growth by attending our "Signature" events-walk away with a clear vision of what your business will need to do to win in the future.

Workshops/SuperSessions/Retailing Forums

Inform and prepare your business with forward-looking, specific insights and recommendations (Shopper, Customer, Team, Organizational Skills & Capabilities) centered around a specific retailer, channel, or market.




Kantar Retail Events from Kantar Retail on Vimeo.