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Shopper: Homegoods Capture Rates: Walmart Holds Lead for CE; Home Depot Reclaims Top Spot for HI; IKEA Continues to Lead in Home Furnishings


By: Caroline Gormley

Walmart solidified its spot as the top destination for consumer electronics and computers with more than two in 10 shoppers spending the most on the category there—a slight improvement from last quarter.

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Redefining Healthy Convenience: Walgreens Launches Improved Mobile App

The mobile app upgrade enhances Walgreen's value proposition by providing shoppers with 24/7 access to information, tools, and activities to guide their health and wellness needs. The increased conversation with shoppers helps to drive overall engagement and loyalty.

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Lidl: A Major Disruptor Already On US Soil


By: Mike Paglia

These stores could do anywhere between $14 million and $21 million each per year.

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The Four E's: Redefining eCommerce For Brands


By: Owen McCabe

Brands are concerned about speeding up digital transformation. A good way to get started is to follow Kantar Retail's "FOUR E's" model to clarify the opportunity. Each "E" offers brands a new definition of the ‘E’ in eCommerce.

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Shopper: August 2015 Shopper View: Year-to-Year Channel Activity


By: Caroline Gormley

Only two of the 20 channels tracked in this report attracted substantially more shoppers in July compared with the same time last year (i.e., indices greater than 102), but 10 channels managed to draw in similar levels of shoppers vs. last year ( indicated by 98–102 indices).

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Seasonal Retail Pulse: U.S. Back-to-School 2015

Increasingly optimistic shoppers displayed ever-more deal-seeking behavior while extending their shopping over a longer timeframe. Retailers responded with early online offers, steep discounts, and personalized style options.

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Shopper: August 2015 Shopper View: Near-Term Spending Intentions and Household Financial Health

Spending intentions hold steady in July, while more shoppers assess household income as improved vs. last year.