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Drone Delivery? It's going to be a few years.


By: David Marcotte

Drones make exciting news and marketing, but the reality is going to take a long time to catch up to the dream

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Moderate Holiday Growth Dampened by Low Inflation Rather Than Global Disruptions – Forecast Update


By: Doug Hermanson

Kantar Retail updates its holiday forecasts from their preliminary publication in August. Price deflation and heightened online competition remain key themes for the holiday outlook.


The Disrupters Disrupted? Jet Takes on Amazon and on Price

Still in its infancy, Jet is making waves with a unique and potentially disruptive business model that is evolving daily. To top it off, it plans to reach USD 20 billion by 2020. But does it have what it takes to get there in the fiercely competitive environment driven by Amazon and

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Seasonal Retail Pulse: Holiday 2015 … Blah, Humbug?

With a few exceptions, holiday retailing is playing it safe. Is this just the calm before the storm, or are we really in for a rather uneventful season? Here’s the thinking behind our retail predictions for the 2015 holiday retail season.

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Shopper: November 2015 Shopper View: Monthly Dashboard


By: Caroline Gormley

This quick overview of what's trending in ShopperScape® shows which retailers are up and which are down in terms of the size of their overall shopper bases, which shoppers are the most upbeat in their near-term spending plans, and much, much more.

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Shopper: November 2015 Shopper View: Year-to-Year Channel Activity


By: Caroline Gormley

Thirteen of the 20 channels tracked in this report saw considerably smaller shopper bases in October—i.e., posted indices vs. the same time last year of 97 or lower. Six channels attracted a similar share of shoppers, and only one channel—online-only retailers—grew its shopper base considerably.

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Shopper: Homegoods Capture Rates: Lowe’s Takes Home Gold for Home Improvement; Best Buy and IKEA Continue to Win


By: Caroline Gormley

Walmart and Best Buy solidified their positions as the top destinations for consumer electronics and computers in October; 21% and 17%, respectively, of all shoppers reported spending the most on the category at these two retailers.

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Sam’s Club Q3 2016 Results: Treading Water


By: Timothy Campbell

Sam’s Club’s reported Q3 results emphasize persistent softness in spite of Sam’s Club ongoing key strategic shifts and executive shakeups.

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Shopper: November 2015 Shopper View: Near-Term Spending Intentions and Household Financial Health

Shoppers’ spending intentions hold steady heading into the holiday season.

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Evolving Black Friday Attitudes


By: Mary Brett Whitfield

Even though the share of shoppers planning to shop Black Friday holds steady, fewer shoppers see the day’s deals as unique or consider Black Friday shopping a tradition.