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2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action

Kantar Retail recently published three detailed reports to help guide our clients through an ever-changing landscape. Today, we are pleased to share an Executive Summary of those in our “2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action”, written by our very own Bryan Gildenberg.

This high level summary outlines five key questions that retailers and suppliers will need to address to effectively navigate the retail environment in 2017 and beyond. They are:

  • Where Will People Buy?
  • What Will People Buy?
  • When Will Shoppers Decide?
  • How Will Shoppers Be Influenced?
  • How Much Will Shoppers Pay, and How Much (If Anything) Will Anyone Profit From It?

These overarching themes are consistent across each report to frame retailer, market, and channel trends characterized by enormous change, challenge, and opportunity.

Read the Executive Summary Now

Current clients of can use the following links to directly access the full Global, US and Europe 2017+ predictions reports.

Enjoy the read!

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