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Retail Predictions: Coming of age in the 2020s

In this year’s Predictions, Bryan Gildenberg brings the retail world of 2020 into view.

Top trends like the rise of omnichannel, the expansion of services, and the increase in data-driven decisions have been steadily gaining steam in retail. As they grow, they move from small scale to medium-sized changes in how retailers need to operate. Pulling from our U.S., European, and Global Outlooks, this piece dissects key trends and outlines the new ways to define success in the 2020s.

Download the Retail Predictions

2019+ U.S. Outlook: Doing more with less  

From personalization to fulfillment, what are the critical macro, shopper and retailer factors that will shape U.S. retail in 2019? Download the U.S. Outlook and unpack the findings with our experts during a complimentary webinar.

2019+ European Outlook: Winning in new uncertainties

Kantar Consulting's predictions for retail in Europe in 2019 cover overarching trends and snapshots of the biggest retailers in the region. Download the European Outlook and discuss key trends with our experts during the complimentary webinar.

2019+ Global Outlook: Answering the four big questions

What can we expect this year in global retail? Kantar Consulting's 2019 global outlook speaks to global themes, major retailers, and six continents. Download the Global Outlook and listen to Bryan Gildenberg and Simon Johnstone talk through the overarching thematic predictions on a special edition of Retail Sound Bites.

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Big Idea

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