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Predictions 2020+: The age of post-retail retail

In this year’s predictions, Bryan Gildenberg lays out the major shifts that will shape the 2020s.

What will characterize modern retail in its seventh decade? The 2020s will be a turbulent period where retailers become more than retailers and successful organizations shift their focus to inputs over outcomes. Drawing from our US, European, and global outlooks, Bryan Gildenberg unveils the growth dynamics of the post-retail world through the lens of the four key drivers of change that will define the retail climate of the 2020s.

Download the 2020 predictions.

2020+ US outlook: Risks, pressures, and opportunities

Our 2020+ US outlook will help you prepare for major themes that will shape 2020s retail. Rooted in our 2025 growth forecasts, this report also highlights key landscape shifts, channel disrupters, and retailer initiatives that will help your teams navigate the year ahead. Download the US outlook and unpack the findings with our experts during a complimentary webinar.

2020+ European outlook: The biggest and best bets for success

Our European report offers perspective on the seven themes that will be on everyone’s 2020 agenda, data-driven strategic guidance for short- and long-term success, and five-year growth forecasts to help you allocate resources and prioritize investments. Download the European outlook and discuss the key shifts with our experts during a complimentary webinar. 

2020+ global outlook: Tracking the retail evolution

This flagship global report will be the go-to strategy planning document for all teams and functions of a CPG brand, from trade marketing and supply chain to R&D and category planning. Understand the key drivers of change in worldwide retail for 2020 and beyond. Download the global outlook. 

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