Big Idea

Demographic Consequences for a Have and Have-Not World

It’s a demographic dilemma: very slowly, your mix of shoppers and consumers is changing. It’s skewing older, younger, and more diverse to varying degrees.

So how do you respond to these slow-changing, long-term demographic trends in a marketplace that tends to be focused on fast-changing, short-term objectives?

The question has no single answer, but this Big Idea explores the notion that a Have and Have-Not view of these demographic trends is a valuable way to frame and focus the response—where Haves are broadly defined as the income segments maintaining or growing share of income, and Have Nots are losing share of income over time.

This Have and Have-Not view is relevant across most developed countries, where demographic trends have many similarities. As a result, the United States provides insights with parallels elsewhere.

Big Idea

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