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Predictions 2015–2020: The Great Disruption and the Forces of "REconfiguration"

We see a major strategic shift captured within our REconfigure REtail framework across four areas: REengaging Shoppers, REimagining Value, REinventing Format and REtooling Commerce.

Welcome to Kantar Retail’s collection of predictions for 2015 and beyond—a series of forward looking ideas that we hope act as a sort of “users guide” to the era in retail history we identified at our Year End Forum as “The Great Disruption.” That disruption starts with the catalysts causing this disruption, many of which are rooted in the macro landscape. This is a world which is predictably volatile – catalysts for change are going to cause frequent and significant disruption … and if this is known, building an organization built to cope with disruption might be the best possible strategy.

Our predictions around these catalysts are global in scope and far-reaching in nature—we view the drop in oil prices as temporary and not altogether positive (even in the USA). Europe’s economic platform
causes disruption both in Europe and abroad … as it forces a change in how retailers manage and organize themselves and it also drives the major European retailers to globally retrench. The macro picture predictions in China focus on a core theme that will repeat throughout the predictions—the big ideas that were the strategic guide for early 2010s strategy are still big—they are just not as big as they used to be and (more importantly) increasingly complicated and polarized. China is still growing, but that growth will require just as much of a granular approach and thinking as any other major market will.

Within this Great Disruption, Kantar Retail sees a major strategic repositioning coming captured within our strategic framework called REconfigure REtail … and the predictions in this report are organized
around the four major areas we think are most important:  REimagine Value, REinvent Format, REengage Shoppers and REtool Commerce.

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Big Idea

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