Following the announcement made in December 2017 in relation to the purchasing partnership between Carrefour and Fnac Darty around household domestic appliances and consumers electronics in France, Fnac Darty opened two franchise stores inside Carrefour hypermarkets on 20 Nov 2018, at Carrefour La-Ville-du-Bois (91) and Limoges Boisseuil (87) respectively. The store sizes ranges from 700 sq.m. to 1000 sq.m. and follows the Darty franchise model.

Carrefour aims to boost sales of the EPCS (Electronics, Photo, Film and Sound) category with help of non-food specialists like Darty and optimise the space and inventory dedicated to non-food inside Carrefour. The retailer intends to assess the experience within the first three months of trial. Currently, Darty offers the assortment and manages pricing of about 3500 SKUs and takes responsibility for inventory and POS. The final turnover, however, will be credited to Carrefour with a licensing fee paid to the franchisor.

Source: Lineaires