Lidl Romania launched the #fresh platform on 20 May 2019 to help customers trace the origin of fruits & vegetables by scanning the product labels. The retailer aims to use the method to sustain long-term local suppliers and develop solutions to ensure the quality of Romanian products. The move is a first from a European discounter and is similar to a recently announced initiative from Rewe in Germany. It has probably been developed by the Lidl Digital team which has a significant presence in Romania. Given that Lidl is keen to emphasise the benefits it brings to local producers in its overseas markets, this will substantially reinforce its credentials in demonstrating its national sourcing.

Upon scanning the labels, customers can verify the quality control certification of the journey each product undertakes, from the origin until it reaches the shopper's basket. Furthermore, customers can also discover stories of suppliers providing fruit & vegetables to the entire country operation. The produce conforms to Lidl’s specific food quality and safety standards. Lidl Romania market suppliers are certified GLOBAL GAP – a recognised standard for global and sustainable agricultural production.

Customers can visit for information on Lidl vendors or to scan the QR code available on each fruit & vegetable box.