Edgard Bonte, CEO of Auchan Retail, earlier announced the creation of partnerships with sister companies operating in different commercial concepts. The specialised departments dedicated to the brand of the external partner (so-called 'corners') have been appearing in Auchan hypermarkets since March 2019, but are now rolling out across the network. The partners to be associated with the Auchan group for this type of project will be retail networks belonging to the Mulliez Family Association.

  • Auchan is testing the new project in two hypermarkets in France. From September, the Beauvais hypermarket will offer a corner in cooperation with the Boulanger brand, while the Bagnolet hypermarket will run a pilot project with the Electro Network Depot.
  • The tests are expected to operate for about six months after which, based on the sales performance, the companies will take a decision related to the continuation of cooperation or closure of projects.
  • The retailer has also planned to test such projects in five French hypermarkets in the second half of 2019 mainly with the specialist non-food leaders.

The testing of new projects within the Auchan hypermarkets has been announced due to the company’s unsatisfactory performance in the non-food products segment within the stores.

Source: wiadomoscihandlowe.pl