Monoprix will soon have a new logistics centre spanning over 100,000 sqm dedicated solely to non-food categories like fashion, textiles, home decor, drugstore, perfume, household etc.,

Samada, the logistics arm of Monoprix, has entered into an agreement with Prologis, a San Francisco based multinational logistics real estate investment trust, to develop this customised warehouse located in Moissy-Cramayel (77), in Prologis Moissy 2 Les Chevrons.

The warehouse will consolidate the retailer’s all non-food activities and will allow it to increase processing capacity by doubling the storage potential of its eCommerce site. With the integration of technologies such as RFID, the building is also expected to accelerate order processing time and improve quality of service.

The first tranche of 65,000 sq m is planned to be delivered in August 2021 while the second stage of delivery of 35,000 sq m should be finished by December 2021.

Source: LSA-Conso;