Lidl has announced that Maksymilian Braniecki, formerly head of its Poland business, will become chief of the Central and Eastern Europe unit. This means he will oversee the discounter’s operation in  Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. Croatia will continue to have its own management. The appointment is a testament to Braniecki’s astute oversight of the Poland business, which is one of Lidl’s most competitive markets given the strong rivalry with Biedronka.

CEE is a strong growth region for the discounter, with growth rates far higher than in Western Europe over the past five years. In Poland, Braniecki has brought significant innovation to the market in terms of range, store environments and marketing. Lidl will hope he will bring similar skills to the wider CEE region to maintain its growth arc in the near future.

Source: Lebensmittel Zeitung