At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, CA, Best Buy announced new incentives for Reward Zone Gamers Club members:

  • Reward Zone Gamers Club members can still upgrade their free memberships to Unlocked status by paying $14.99/year. Unlocked members will now receive a $20 Reward Certificate (worth 1,000 Reward Zone points) when they pre-order and purchase one of several eligible games, including Halo 4, Madden Football 13, and Assassins Creed 3. The rest of the titles can be found at
  • @Gamer magazine, which Reward Zone Gamer’s Club Unlocked members receive for free, is now available in a digital version. 

Best Buy says membership in its Rewards Zone Gamers Club is up 30% since last year’s E3. The retailer also said that its Best Buy Trade-In program now offers a 100% trade-in bonus, which gamers receive in the form of a Best Buy gift card. 

Best Buy also mentioned promotions related to specific, highly-anticipated game releases coming this year, including an exclusive Halo 4 Raptor Armor skin, which will let gamers customize the color of their armor, for customers who pre-order Halo 4. Best Buy pledged it will continue to improve digital ordering and will seek out opportunities to provide “unique experiences” for gamers. The retailer says all of the top new releases in 2012 will include a pre-order incentive, a strategy that the retailer says has driven has driven a 350 percent increase in pre-orders to date over last year.