Lidl is urgently readying its operations as it aims to open its first stores on the East Coast as early as next year. With that in mind, and in response to client demand for an empirical view of Lidl’s growth, Kantar Retail has unveiled its Lidl U.S. forecasts for overall sales, store base growth, and sales per store. In addition, these projections include the detailed assumptions we used as inputs to create our proprietary methodology. These first-in-the-industry forecasts will help suppliers and retailers plan against the Lidl launch using data-backed insights.

Here are the highlights:

  • Lidl could surpass USD2 billion in volume by the end of its second full year of operations
  • By 2023, we believe Lidl could approach USD 9 billion in sales, which is more than what Wegmans does today
  • Expect Lidl to have over 400 stores up and down the East Coast by the start of the next decade
  • A single, fully mature store could generate over USD14 million. That’s a lot of volume packed into a 36,000 square foot box


For Kantar Retail clients, you can read the full report including detailed sales, store growth, and sales per store forecasts with supplier implications here.


Stay with Kantar Retail for the latest Lidl insights as our global analyst team deconstructs and analyzes the relevant dynamics before, during, and after Lidl’s arrival in the U.S. In the coming months, count on Kantar Retail to provide you with details on the shopper, assortment, merchandising, and pricing components of Lidl’s arrival.

Note: Our most up-to-date Lidl U.S. forecasts are now available through ReportBuilder on

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Simon Johnstone, Senior Analyst

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