Amazon has announced that it will acquire Whole Foods Market in an all-cash transaction valued at USD13.7 billion. Kantar Retail experts react:

Kantar Retail eCommerce and grocery experts have been connecting with news outlets to share their point of view on this acquisition and its implications for the retail landscape. We’ve curated this coverage so clients can confidently address this acquisition by sourcing Kantar Retail experts.

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  • Online grocery shopping accounted for 2% of sales in the sector last year, according to Kantar Retail. Before the Amazon deal announcement, the share was projected to grow to 3% by 2021. Kantar Retail’s online grocery projections quoted in Fox Business
  • “To a certain extent, this does make a lot of sense. Amazon has struggled in food, we know that, if you think about that Whole Foods shopper compared to Amazon, the Whole Foods shopper profile is actually a shopper profile that is very closely aligned with who Amazon wants to reach on an ongoing basis. It definitely … has to be appealing to Amazon.” Director of Retail Insights, Diana Sheehan interviewed by Retail Food Dive
  • “If established retailers like Kroger and Walmart are getting penalized by investors today [in reaction to the Amazon/Whole Foods deal news], then Blue Apron may see declining interest in their IPO,” Director of Retail Insights, Diana Sheehan interviewed by Fox Business
  •  “Only around 9% of households who shopped at Whole Foods in April also shopped at a Wal-Mart. Outside of Texas, there just aren't that many areas that matter to Wal-Mart's grocery business that also matter to Whole Foods, still, Amazon could bring Whole Foods to a much larger audience over time" Chief Knowledge Officer,  Bryan Gildenberg, interviewed by Fox Business

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