Last year we brought to you a flash guide to monetizing the moment by trading on interest around the Royal Wedding. This year, we’ve put together a comprehensive, week-by-week guide on other key moments for retailers and brands to activate around when it comes to merchandising and marketing. This carefully curated calendar contains a mixture of gifting occasions, sports events, holidays and celebrations, as well as highlights from major media releases creating spikes of interest in pop culture.

The traditional retail calendar is sandwiched between seasonal peaks - Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday etc. It’s nothing you don’t know. The trouble is, your rivals know it too and everyone competes for a little share of wallet and engagement at a time when consumers are constantly hounded by marketing messages, often saying much the same thing. This means usual promotional periods don’t always have the desired halo effect on year-round performance.

But what if you could find those crucial moments between the peaks to reach consumers with meaningful messages around events and occasions that really matter to them? The New Retail Calendar is a vital tool to unlocking engagement with new pools of consumers, helping you to navigate a wealth of cultural, political and educational moments to start fresh conversations and new merchandising strategies.

It’s a guide of 52 weekly events, cut by region and sector, that will prepare you to “momentize” effectively, through sound content plans, merchandising opportunities and unique insights into the needs of demographics with fast-rising disposable incomes.

These moments, all built around the traditional promotional calendar, will help brands and retailers to identify opportunities to maintain interest between peak trading periods, step into new categories and build resonance with new audiences, helping you to differentiate and cut through the usual bombardment of marketing noise.

What’s more, we’ll be bringing you more exciting reports and insights that deep-dive into some of these moments throughout the year, starting with our latest The Retail Reveal focused on Chinese New Year. Be on the lookout!

5 things you need to know about the New Retail Calendar:

  1. It’s interactive! Hover on the regions at the top to zoom in on your priority markets or click on the individual events to find out more.
  2. It’s global. Discover key events in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Far East and around the world.
  3. It’s comprehensive. We’ve curated highlights from celebrations of world faiths, political turning points, sports tournaments and the biggest movie releases of 2019.
  4. It’s not just about selling something. The New Retail Calendar gives you unique cultural insights to help you have authentic conversations with consumers.
  5. It’s user-friendly and multipurpose – navigate by business week, date, sector or region and use it to plot both marketing and merchandising campaigns.

To download your interactive 2019 New Retail Calendar, click here. (Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader for optimum experience)

For more information, please contact:

Anusha Couttigane, Principal Analyst

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