One of the biggest challenges our clients face is understanding where to play and how to win across new demographics and new markets. We know that seasonal events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Back to School will always anchor our merchandising and marketing plans.

Yet these occasions are highly competitive and traction against them is slowing down. Moreover, when it comes to getting the formula right in new markets, we can’t assume that what has always worked at home will also work abroad.

Events like Lunar New Year and Singles Day are gaining traction, as is cross-border commerce. Nor can we expect the next generation of consumers to prioritise the same things older generations cared about, with some shoppers already opting out of the commercial Christmas culture.

New Year, New Retail Calendar

To help clients navigate this complicated cultural landscape in the 21st century, we piloted an interactive PDF last year to help inspire new planning and merchandising strategies across global territories. You liked this so much that we have now elevated the offer to a living, breathing digital platform that will be the essential planning tool for this year and beyond. Our New Retail Calendar 2020 is now LIVE.

So What’s New?

Expanded regional coverage:

Instead of just one global guideline, in this snazzy new portal you can now discover what’s going to drive consumer interest across six key regions over the coming year:


The content for the Global, Europe and North America editions is already live. The remaining regions will be rolled out shortly, so watch this space!

New Sector Insights

The New Retail Calendar enables you to filter by fifteen different sectors, so that you can quickly find out what events and occasions will be relevant to your business strategy:

New Ways of Thinking

Our New Retail Calendar offers a wealth of insights across gifting occasions, sporting events, cultural phenomena, licensed merchandising opportunities and even once-in-a-lifetime activation opportunities such as the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury.

The research is also designed to stretch your thinking about how to target new niches. For example, how might exam results days spark new opportunities for Homewares, Confectionery and Travel brands? What’s the relationship between Disneyland and Amazon Prime? Every event in the calendar will not only tell you all you need to know about the occasion, but also how to go after them successfully and creatively, using our four momentising strategies:

Of course, what you see is not just what you get.

Our team of analysts has catalogued a plethora of additional events and activation opportunities that sit within our database. This enables us to create bespoke thematic timelines to help clients understand what’s going to be relevant to their individual strategies, as well as different customer cohorts.

This has the potential to truly turn traditional thinking about category planning on its head. In an industry where so much of the revenue emphasis is geared towards the Christmas quarter, what happens to your activation timeline when you decide to make sustainability a marketing and merchandising priority? The radical shift in timings might just surprise you, with most of the key sustainability awareness events taking place in the first half of the year:

If your business is committed to embracing the values of inclusion and diversity, how do you pursue this authentically by representing marginalised consumer groups in your marketing strategies? You’ll be amazed on just how many opportunities you could be missing out, particularly when it comes to creating a truly global gifting calendar:

We can also help you answer questions like:

  • What are the biggest cultural themes that will drive consumer engagement in 2020?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for licenced merchandiser this year?
  • How do I stretch my current product and marketing assets to maximise return?

So, to kickstart your year, visit our New Retail Calendar portal. The world is your oyster.


How do I access it?

The good news is this exciting new tool is absolutely free to our Retail IQ subscribers, while our GLOBAL coverage is free for everyone! JUST CLICK HERE

Retail IQ licence holders:

IQ subscribers can access regional content in two ways:

  1. Self-register through the link; you will be approved to view all regions covered by your company’s subscription. Please note that you will not be able to use your Kantar IQ login details to directly access the portal. However, you can register with the same details. (Note: we do not monitor clients’ passwords for privacy reasons).
  2. Alternatively, please contact your Account Manager to arrange pre-registration for the service using your company email address.

Where do these insights come from?

Our New Retail Calendar research is led by a team of market insights specialists, with expertise across different regions, sectors and channels. If you’d like to know more about the methodology, contact our principal analyst Anusha Couttigane at

How can you help me make the most of this tool?

At Kantar, we aim to go deeper with our clients by taking a holistic, collaborative approach. If you find this tool interesting but need to know more about how to activate against these opportunities, contact our Strategic Advisory Services team to find out about our bespoke solutions.

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