To coincide with our 2020+ Retail Predictions and the start of a new decade of retail, we are excited to share an infographic that looks back at the retail landscape over the last 70 years. Think of it as the entire history of modern retail in a single view. In this chart we summarized the shopper dynamics, retailer strategies and supplier responses that were the foundation of global retail’s evolution during each of the seven decades of modern retail. We also picked six “poster child” retailers — the retailer that embodied the transformation — for each decade. Enjoy the read!


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2020+ US Retail Outlook

Major U.S. retailers are striving to adapt to a landscape that has become ever more demanding. How can you align with your retailers’ 2020 strategic initiatives to drive growth?



2020+ European Retail Outlook

Looking beyond the buzzwords we reveal the real challenges and opportunities in European retail, explaining the disruption, with clear implications and strategic guidance for success. What can you expect in 2020?



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