To assess the potential reach of online grocery, Kantar Retail partnered with InfoScout to identify the growth of U.S. Amazon shoppers’ share of spending on consumables and grocery categories online versus in store. Using this digitally active group as a lens, we assessed the extent to which spending on these category groups may shift online in the coming years to help manufacturers and retailers size up the opportunity.

Overall, we started by looking at the proportion of U.S. Amazon shoppers who buy any grocery and consumables online. Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape® survey shows health and beauty care leading the way among all past four- week Amazon shoppers (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Online Consumables and Grocery Purchasing Incidence for U.S. Amazon Shoppers

In terms of share of wallet, we found Amazon shoppers’ baby care category share of spending online led the way, followed by health and beauty, household essentials, and edible grocery. This general pattern underscores how young and digitally engaged families are driving a shift in where and how shoppers are buying food and consumables. What’s more, although less than 2% of U.S. Amazon shoppers’ share of edible grocery spending was online (versus in store), this department saw the fastest year-over-year growth, at 84%. This rate illustrates that online grocery, while small, is an area of very fast growth that retailers and brands must get right.

The full report looks at Amazon shoppers’ online shopping and purchasing incidence, alongside share of spending online and year-over-year growth to illustrate the potential of the online grocery landscape. Through this analysis, we identified eCommerce purchasing trends among Amazon shoppers and outline potential hurdles as retailers and manufacturers vie for positioning.

Kantar Retail Shopper Insights clients can access the full report here.

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