Kantar Consulting is proud to introduce ShopperGenetics® Dashboards, a platform to help suppliers and agencies elevate their conversations with their retailer partners by providing top-line category and brand insights.

Capitalizing on our proprietary ShopperGenetics® database, clients can now do quick reporting to understand total-store category and brand performance, basket and brand interactions, and foundational brand-level buyer behavior in category.

Answer critical business questions in seconds, including:

  • What is driving your brand or category’s growth (or losses) — new shoppers, brand switching, existing buyers purchasing more, trip frequency, transaction size, or other factors?
  • How are adjacent categories and brands performing? Where is there potential opportunity for more space, and what stories might help you push back on encroaching categories?
  • How strong is your brand at bringing in new shoppers to the category?
  • How valuable are your brand shoppers compared with average shoppers or shoppers of other brands in your category? How large is their basket, and how much do they spend at the store in a year?
  • How loyal are your brand’s shoppers?
  • What other items/categories are highly purchased with your brand? What other frequent basket items would make good promotional partners for your brand?

This insights platform gives a simple, cost-effective way to understand category and brand stories in the supermarket channel across the total store.

To discuss how this platform can help your strategic planning and advisory capabilities, contact me at diana.sheehan@kantarconsulting.com.

For more details on our ShopperGenetics Dashboards, click here, and to see this content brought to life, join us as we host a kick-off webinar to demonstrate the dashboards, walk through real world use cases, and show how you can drive growth by anticipating the shopper on July 12th at 1:00 EDT.  

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