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Decoding desire in China’s luxury social ecosystem

6 Dec 2019 / By: Kantar Research Team

Kantar, in collaboration with MediaCom China, has published the whitepaper Decoding Desire in the China Luxury Social Ecosystem. A large-scale research project was undertaken to unlock the formula luxury brands need to activate their social media effectively from an audience-first approach. A full research report with in-depth insights revealing 20 content themes relevant to luxury audiences in China is available below.

China’s luxury market today is worth CNY770 billion and is set to almost double to CNY1.2 trillion by 2025. While GDP growth is slowing, the growth potential for luxury brands is still immense, and it is absolutely crucial for luxury brands to engage successfully with their demanding and dynamic consumers. Understanding this audience’s behaviour consistently leads advertisers online.

Kantar applied the latest AI-powered enhanced visual analysis system: EVA (Enhanced Visual Analytics) with semiotically inspired algorithms and parameters in order to decode what’s relevant for luxury consumers on social media. This data-driven research was enriched by cultural insight deep dives and complemented by interviews with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and focus group discussions among Millennials and Gen Z luxury consumers, resulting in a robust understanding of the context that a content strategy should be built upon.

This piece of work can give you a big picture of the four key emergent trends which are fuelling growth for luxury brands in China and six ways to activate these inspiring trends across social platforms using EVA.  We are thrilled to bring the customised solutions to our clients and friends. We hope you find our research findings and social media approach for the luxury space inspiring and actionable. Enjoy the content!

Download Decoding Desire in the China Luxury Social Ecosystem here

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