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Amazon has announced the establishment of a new Counterfeit Crimes Unit to bring counterfeiters who violate law and Amazon’s policies to justice. The global multi-disciplinary unit constitutes a team of former federal prosecutors experienced investigators, and data analysts to enable Amazon to reach its objectives of bringing counterfeit to zero.

 Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit will investigate cases where a seller has attempted to evade Amazon’s systems and listed a counterfeit product in violation of Amazon’s policies. The Counterfeit Crimes Unit will mine Amazon’s data, cull information from external resources such as payment service providers and open source intelligence, and leverage on-the-ground assets to connect the dots between targets.

In 2019, Amazon has invested over USD500 million and dedicated 8,000 employees in extensive anti-counterfeit programs to fight the menace of counterfeit products which has ensured that 99.9% of products listed on Amazon did not have counterfeit complain and with the latest initiative, it indents to make its platform 100% counterfeit free.

Amazon actively collaborates with authorities such as the National Intellectual Property Right Center in the United States, Europol in Europe and other major agencies in China and worldwide. In May, Amazon identified sellers of counterfeit products in Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, and the United States and referred each of them to the competent national authorities.

Source: Amazon