Value Discounter Workshop

12-13 Apr 2016 Nashville, TN

Event Overview

Capitalize on the Discounter Disruption

Event Start: 9 a.m.
Event Conclusion: 5 p.m.

While discounters’ growth may be moderating, their disruptive impact continues. Players like Dollar General, Aldi, and others continue to challenge suppliers’ ways of doing business. Spend some time with Kantar Retail’s experts to dimensionalize the disruption and learn how to maximize share of wallet for your business.

Join Kantar Retail to help you understand:

  • The latest on Lidl’s impending arrival in the U.S.
  • The major trends that will influence the discounters’ growth trajectory
  • The discounter shopper base and how it’s changing
  • You’ll walk away from this Workshop with:

    • Kantar Retail’s point of view on Lidl and its potential for disruption in the U.S.
    • A deeper understanding of the discounter business model, its financial and operational levers, and its impact on the larger value proposition
    • Our latest forecasts for key channel players and the channel itself, including the major growth drivers and inhibitors
    • A blueprint for how to rethink your existing skill sets to function more effectively in the discounter space and with the core shopper

    New! Choose between a beginner or advanced class. You and your team have the option to learn about the basics of the channel or to dive into more advanced topics on strategic future planning.

    Event Schedule

    Apr 12 Day 1
    Apr 13 Day 2

    Venue Information

    Nashville Airport Marriott
    600 Marriott Drive
    Nashville TN 37214