Lidl in the Nordics & the Baltics

23 Feb 2016 Stockholm, Sweden

Event Overview

In the Nordic and Baltic regions, slow growth in traditional grocery channels has forced suppliers looking to generate faster-than-market growth to consider alternative routes to market – namely Online and Discounters. Leading this charge is discounter Lidl: Having achieved strong sales growth and now profit in both Finland and Sweden, Lidl’s strategy is becoming both ambitious and aggressive.

Kantar Retail predicts that in 2016 Lidl will take bold steps to strengthen its brand in the region and launch more direct campaigns against other grocery chains. At this one-day workshop, suppliers will learn how to build a sustainable business strategy for the most disruptive retailer in the Nordic and Baltic regions, and gain a set of facts and stories that can be used to facilitate cross-functional planning with country managers, customer teams, supply chain, marketing, trade marketing and packaging design.

Key questions answered include:

  • What does Lidl’s reinvention of the discounter store concept via its urban stores (new locations and new store types) and traditional stores (improved shopper experience and wider SKU assortment) mean for suppliers?
  • How is Lidl adapting its assortment to beat local competitors? How can suppliers take advantage of opportunities around fresh and local, and more and newer shopper missions such as food-to-go ranges?
  • As Lidl looks to gain better control of the end-to-end supply chain, what role can suppliers play in making pallet retailing “easy”? What does the near future hold for Lidl’s online initiatives?
  • Plus concrete recommendations for getting listings (and avoiding delistings), managing the rest of the trade, and best practice across negotiation, merchandising, innovation and channel management

Event Schedule

Feb 23 Lidl in the Nordics & the Baltics (AM)