Carrefour Global Workshop

12 Apr 2016 Paris, France

Event Overview

2016 marks the second phase of George Plassat’s turnaround strategy for Carrefour with the retailer expected to see another wave of drastic measures aimed at delivering higher shareholder value. Living up to his reputation of being the “Transformation Guy” Plassat is likely to drive growth often via uncomfortable means (such as Digital, Franchising and Partnerships, Purchase Alliances, etc.)  At this workshop you will develop a deeper understanding of Carrefour’s changing objectives and accompanying strategies that will be critical for driving successful collaborative relationships.

Key questions answered include:

  • What are the key components of Plassat’s three-year strategy for Carrefour?
  • Where and how will Carrefour drive growth (e.g. Franchising, Digital, Big Box Reinvention, etc)
  • How will the change in financial focus from P&L to Balance Sheet economics impact commercial negotiations? What will be the impact of purchase alliances? And will Carrefour enter into more such alliances in the future?
  • What are the best practices around commercial planning and negotiation, channel specific merchandising, and digital innovation?
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Event Schedule

Apr 12 Carrefour Global Workshop (AM)