UK Discounters Workshop

30 Jun 2016 Manchester, UK

Event Overview

High Street Discounters are growing at 30% per annum, faster than any other channel. In the UK these are the only retailers that operate on high margins – allowing suppliers to introduce wide assortments – and for the most part they do not operate on promotional monies making forecasting and supply-chain work easier and more profitable. The fact that they are growing quickly, adapting their business models to new shoppers-geographies-locations, and going online is simply an added bonus. In short, this is the only profitable rapid growth channel in the UK today that does not have a high cost to serve, isn’t heavily promotional, or brand unfriendly. This workshop will provide you and your wider team with a clear view of, with the right strategy, the opportunities to be had within this channel.

Key Topics:

  • What are the new business models in this channel?
  • How can you best optimise your assortment?
  • What does best-in-class shopper marketing look like in this channel?
  • How should you best align with the dot-com channel?

Event Schedule

Jun 30 UK Discounters Workshop (AM)