Amazon Germany Workshop

28 Sep 2016 Munich, Germany

Event Overview

As Amazon breaks into the top 10 global retailers, suppliers are starting to build global Amazon go-to-market capabilities in the same way that they would approach Walmart, Carrefour, or Tesco. Historically this has been difficult with Amazon, as despite the platform similarity across markets Amazon can be challenging to approach at an international level. Over the last 18 months this has begun to change. Strategic suppliers are creating international joint business plans out of the Seattle & Luxembourg teams to drive scaled growth and campaigns, and putting dedicated country level teams in place to manage the tactical aspects of this retailer.

Key Topics:

  • What are the fundamentals of Amazon’s business model and how are they evolving as the company grows?
  • What is the future of consumable business models for Amazon in Europe?
  • What are the implications for Amazon’s increasing focus on becoming a “members only” Everything Store?
  • How can you build long term growth and (profitable) strategy with Amazon?
  • How are best-in-class suppliers innovating at the shelf and utilizing Amazon’s data assets to their advantage?

Event Schedule

Sep 28 Amazon Germany Workshop (AM)

Venue Information

Hotel Excelsior Munich
Schützenstraße 11, 80335
Münich, Germany
Tel: +49 89 551370
Kantar Retail’s Workshop will take place during Munich’s 2016 Oktoberfest. To ensure rates and availability we highly recommend that you book early.