Finding Growth with the UK Discounters

4 Jul 2017 London, UK

Event Overview

Discounters are growing quickly, but securing a brand’s listing with a discounter inevitably triggers a pricing and promotional response across the rest of the trade. Many suppliers have grown “comfortable” with this imbalance but very few have unlocked the secret to truly balanced growth across the discounters and the Big 4 supermarkets.  Kantar Retail’s event will provide clear direction for a sustainable strategy in 2018 and beyond.

What You Should Expect to Get Out of This Event:

  • Best in class examples of how to “find balance” in working with discounters and the rest of the trade
  • Actionable advice on what you can do to better connect with the Discounter shopper
  • Understanding around the role of refits, and how they are changing the nature of the store and the shopping trip

Event Schedule

Jul 04 Finding Growth with the UK Discounters (AM)

Venue Information

Sea Containers
18 Upper Ground
London SE1 9RQ
TEL: +44 203 193 3597