UK Retail Summit: Winning with the Big 4

4 Jul 2017 London, UK

Event Overview

Event Overview

The time is right for supplier partners to actively reappraise strategies with the Big 4: The UK retail market is witnessing seismic shifts, with nearly every channel reinventing its value proposition. Unforeseen macroeconomic and political forces have only added to the uncertainty. But: One needs to remember the scale of these shifts in relation to the 72% of grocery market share represented by the Big 4: Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons. Kantar Retail predicts that these retailers will put up a fight to keep (and grow!) share in the UK, despite demands that such growth requires a move into unchartered and uncomfortable territories.

What You Should Expect to Get Out of This Event:

  • Clear understanding of each retailer’s strategy, as well as the potential growth opportunity with each of the Big 4
  • Perspective on revising your category value proposition in the context of the total store P&L
  • A user manual to speak the language of an integrated online and offline environment
  • A point of view on the UK shopper with steps you can take to understand different segments with different needs – Haves/Have Nots, Millenials/Gen Z, Online/Offline

Event Schedule

Jul 04 Winning with the Big 4 (AM)

Venue Information

Sea Containers
18 Upper Ground
London SE1 9RQ
TEL: +44 203 193 3597