Russian Retail Forum

4-5 Oct 2017 Moscow, Russia

Event Overview

Join Kantar Retail for an in-depth outlook on vital factors shaping demand for consumer goods in Russia. In an environment where sustainable growth is harder to find than ever, winning retailers will likely make major changes - reinventing the store to attract shoppers, rethinking product listings and category emphasis, or launching low risk formats that deliver a quick return on investment. Suppliers who wish to grow must understand these dynamics, and adapt their plans accordingly.

What You Should Expect to Get Out of This Event:

  • Clear understanding of the channel shifts and growth forecasts for modern retail in Russia 2018-2021
  • What winning at the online shelf in Russia looks like – from the strategic to the tactical day-to-day execution
  • Insight into the small-box retail sector, and what you can do to maximize your brand’s success