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The present, the near future, and scenarios for what may happen over the next 18 months

For UK-facing suppliers, retailers and consumers alike, no issue is more top-of-mind than the impending Brexit deadline currently scheduled for 29 March 2019.

With a month until the date, uncertainty remains, as it has since the UK voted to exit the European Union in June 2016. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than across the grocery retail sector, where the impact on supply chains, on-shelf availability, pricing and shopper sentiment is still unknown, with as many implications as there are currently scenarios around what shape Britain’s final exit from the EU will take.

With this in mind, Kantar Consulting and Kantar Worldpanel have joined forces to produce a comprehensive analysis of how Brexit might affect the UK Grocery Industry and Shoppers. Using Kantar Consulting expert analysis combined with the shopper monitoring and data resources of Kantar Worldpanel, our whitepaper explores the different measures retailers and suppliers are taking to prepare for Brexit, alongside a detailed, up-to-the-minute snapshot of how British shoppers are responding,

On suppliers and retailers, Kantar Consulting analysis covers:

  • The Present: Grocery retailers and extraordinary measures taken to prepare for Brexit up until February 2019.
  • The Near Future: Grocery retailers and extraordinary measures to prepare for Brexit from 1 February to 29 March.
  • The Post-Brexit Landscape: Grocery retailers and extraordinary measures taken to prepare for Brexit after 29 March (or an extension date).

Regarding the impact on consumers of Brexit, Worldpanel data analysis (from 1 February 2019) includes:

  • How will Britain’s shoppers respond to Brexit?
  • Where do UK shoppers plan to cut back spending?
  • How will Brexit impact patterns on spend?
  • What lessons can be learned from past recessions?
  • Shopper stockpiling: how widespread is it, and who is doing it?

While given the present political turmoil, no one could or even should say with certainty how the eventual outcome of Brexit will unfold, we are confident this whitepaper delivers the most considered, analytical and up-to-the-minute assessment of how the UK exit from the EU is already impacting on, and will continue to transform, the British grocery landscape both in the short and long term.

Download the whitepaper here.

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