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U.S. macro outlook: 2019 holiday forecast

16 Sep 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  36 Slides

With retail bankruptcies mounting and a slowdown likely in the coming year, the 2019 holiday season may mean “thrive to survive” for some retailers. Check out Kantar’s holiday forecast and macro outlook to know what to expect in the holiday and beyond.

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Canadian macroeconomic and retail sales overview

13 Sep 2019

By: Doug Hermanson, Ellie Pinto.  20 Slides

Our most recent insights on Canada’s macroeconomic health include a look at housing affordability, consumer confidence, household spending, growth by region, and more.

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Global macro outlook

1 Jul 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  17 Slides

Global growth is slowing, altering the price and demand trends expected at global retailers. Find out in this summary slide deck the leading and lagging markets and the implications for retailers.

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Online Retail Country Profile: China

6 Jun 2019

By: Kelly Petropoulou.  13 Slides

Learn how China's fast-evolving and future-focused online sector is developing as we use Kantar’s 2018 Digital CommerceScope data to explain where growth can be found for FMCG in one of the largest and digitally advanced retail environments worldwide.

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Online Retail Country Profile: Germany

6 Jun 2019

By: Harriet Leach.  13 Slides

Using Kantar’s 2018 Digital CommerceScope data, this report details the growth areas within Germany's growing eCommerce space, detailing opportunities for category development and the best plays on which to focus in the emerging online sector.

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Preparing your Target strategy for an economic slowdown

7 Oct 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  33 Slides

Understand the economic, demographic, and geographic threats to the consumer economy. Learn how Target shoppers may react to economic disruptions in the next few years. Identify strategies for getting the most out of Target shoppers in a good or bad economy.

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Macro trends shaping the future of Kroger

20 Jun 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  50 Slides

Understand the economic, demographic, and geographic trends influencing retail growth. Learn how Kroger shoppers are likely to react to economic disruptions in the upcoming decade. Identify growth opportunities at Kroger that will be shaped by the retail economy.

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Climate change: Macro planning for the next era of retail

23 May 2019

By: Doug Hermanson.  67 Slides

Understand the hot, cold, and cooling macro trends in retail. Learn about the new era of retail that will emerge in the next couple of years due to drastic changes in the macro environment. Identify which shoppers, categories, and retailers will transition easiest to this new retail era.

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Life stage spending: Forecasts and implications for the next decade

15 Dec 2018

By: Doug Hermanson.  51 Slides

Understand the forces shaping shoppers’ expectations about what a shopping experience can and should be. Learn the main “types” of value equations that shoppers today are seeking to maximize. Discover strategies to cope with this complex and uncomfortable shopper landscape and unlock growth.

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Forming new alliances in the battle for share: Key insights and interactive workshop

14 Dec 2018

By: Doug Hermanson.  30 Slides

Identify the fastest-growing areas of the consumer industry. Learn how CPG categories are teaming up with fast-growing areas of the consumer industry to outpace total growth.

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Webinar Presentations


Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar - A pivotal moment for retail: Kantar’s holiday 2019 forecast

5 Sep 2019, 11:00 AM EST

This holiday will set the tone for the next decade. Retailers and suppliers that can gain traction with holiday shoppers will have the momentum needed to overcome slower economic growth in 2020. Meanwhile, the prospects for others could dim quickly next year as macro conditions become more challenging. Tune in to this webinar for the unveiling of Kantar’s 2019 holiday forecast and learn the strategies needed to win holiday shoppers. Expect to learn:  ...


Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: A changing climate for category growth

25 Apr 2019, 11:00 AM EST

With the release of Kantar Consulting’s annual category forecasts in April, the economic climate in the next decade will become the focus of the outlook. Gone is the chill of the post-recovery era. Soon to fade will be the warmer growth felt late in the 2010’s. Arriving in the 2020’s will be a different economic and demographic climate in which some categories will continue to flourish while others will see their growth curtailed. Expect to learn:  ...


Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: Preparing for peak growth in 2019

13 Feb 2019, 11:00 AM EST

Economic and policy trends lifted growth in 2018 to its strongest pace in seven years. While much of this momentum is expected to continue into 2019, some of these trends will change course by the end of the year. All of this will keep the consumer industry on its toes, both to run after growth opportunities and potentially sidestep slower growth late in the year. Tune in to this webinar to learn the macro trends, forecasts, and strategies you need to win 2019. As part of this discussion, ...


Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: Putting a spotlight on the (life)stage of shoppers

29 Nov 2018, 11:00 AM EST

In the past, the age, generation, and lifestage of household shoppers may have been considered one and the same to suppliers and retailers—middle-aged boomers with children at home. Now, those three characteristics of household shoppers are quite distinct. For instance, the age at which households have children has change drastically from previous decades.Tune in to this webinar to learn the spending and shopping patterns of households as they move through a half dozen different lifestages.  ...


Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: Holiday 2018 Forecast - Staying on course in the wake of macro disruption

22 Aug 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

Many retailers this holiday will find themselves in an unfamiliar situation since the Great Recession made waves—trying to keep themselves sailing downwind, rather than just trying to plug the holes in their boat. Big box mass and select specialty retailers began to turn themselves around last holiday as shopper confidence gained strength. Tax policy changes and job gains will once again provide shoppers motivation this holiday, but retaining the loyalty of holiday shoppers will be ...

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