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Kantar Retail eLearning courses are an invaluable resource for building customer-centric organizations and critical account management skills.


Save money, gain a competitive advantage, and be more effective working with key customers.

Our libraries of retailer, industry, and skills courses build customer understanding and critical account management skills. Whether you are in sales, category management, customer or brand marketing, or finance, Kantar Retail eLearning courses can provide actionable insight into the retail landscape, and the skills to be successful. Our implications-focused point of view cuts through “information clutter” to help you save time and realize opportunity.


Retailer & Industry Course Libraries

Stay a step ahead with powerful retail insight in a convenient and dynamic format. Courses deliver critical insight into key retailers, channels and topics. Frominsight into Walmart’s strategy, to the key factors for success in the warehouse clubs, or our framework for understanding retailers’ Private Label strategy, these brief courses can benefit anyone in a customer-facing role.


Strategic Customer Management Skills Library

The need to build key capabilities is intensifying – the bar is being raised every day. Kantar Retail can help you build the capabilities you need to win in today’s marketplace. These engaging, dynamic courses cover the essential elements of planning, selling and negotiation success. You will learn a strategic process and tactical skills - comprehensive, cohesive, and specific to the consumer goods industry.



Key Benefits

  • Increase skills in core areas such as customer planning, selling and negotiation
  • Build and maintain the capabilities you need to compete effectively
  • Increase retailer understanding across key functional areas
  • Align cross-functional teams (sales, marketing, logistics, finance, etc.) on key customer strategies
  • Improve financial acumen across the organization
  • Reduce the learning curve by utilizing elearning for new hire orientation and new-to-team training
  • Create a more customer-centric organization
  • Gain an understanding of the competitors to your key customers


Improve your skills to drive profitable growth Build your capabilities. Drive your business.

Kantar Retail eLearning courses help you drive your business by building your capabilities. Join the multitude of companies across the world who have benefitted from our legendary expertise in building capabilities.

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