Schwarz Group, operator of Lidl and Kaufland, has undertaken a comprehensive structural change of the 12-member Schwarz Unternehmensstreuhand KG (SUT) Supervisory Board. Former Google manager Sarah Fix-Bähre and ex-Edeka IT director Reinhard Schütte are being brought onboard to add tech expertise. A key role in the new structure is played by Gerd Chrzanowski, who is appointed Deputy CEO to Klaus Gehrig, marking the first time this role has been created.

Also new to the SUT is the 28-year-old International Customer Success Manager Melanie Köhler, who will assume her new duties on top of her previous responsibilities. Reiner Neske, Chairman of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, also joins the board. Gabriele Wolff, Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Heinz Andrejewski and Jürgen Kisseberth will all depart their posts.

Along with these changes the SUT has also incorporated a 10-person extended advisory board. Following the departure of Kaufland CEO Patrick Kaudewitz, Schwarz Group chief Klaus Gehrig will temporarily take control of the big-box business until a successor can be found.

Source: Lebensmittel Zeitung