Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers' changing paths to purchase.
  • Winning the digital shelf
    Learn digital-shelf best practices for home improvement categories and see best-in-class examples from Amazon, Home Depot, and Wayfair.
  • Shaping digital commerce strategies
    COVID impact will change the omnichannel focus of almost all retailers, meaning brands must understand the longer-term implications.
  • The state of ecommerce 2021
    This landmark study identifies key shopper, brand, and retailer trends and provides a holistic view of the rapidly evolving ecommerce and retail ...
  • Post-COVID commerce: A four-phase recovery framework
    The economic shutdown and social distancing will bring about a sweeping shakeout of retail. Are you prepared for post-COVID commerce?

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Interactive Chart: Amazon and Prime Penetration

Amazon's rise as a retail force has been swift and steady. To better understand the growing reach of Amazon among shoppers, use this interactive graphic to see the multi-year trend in shopping Amazon.com and Prime membership.
Line: Percent of U.S. Households Shopped Amazon.com during Past Four Weeks
Bars: Percent of U.S. Households with Amazon Prime Membership*

Understanding Pure Play Retailers


Amazon: SWOT analysis

25 Jan 2021

By: Rachel Dalton.  1 Slides

Get a one-slide summary of Amazon's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Five Slides

Amazon: The five slides you need

25 Jan 2021

By: Rachel Dalton.  8 Slides

Check out Kantar’s overview of Amazon for a SWOT analysis, shopper profile, sales forecast, key strategies and implications.

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US consumables omnichannel review: Fall 2020 update

1 Dec 2020

By: Kantar Research Team.  69 Slides

This detailed assessment compares current US online grocery offerings and the top retailers in the space.

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The state of ecommerce: Growth with Walmart

17 Nov 2020

By: Rachel Dalton.  21 Slides

Get seven key insights from our landmark 2021 ecommerce study that can help drive your brands’ ecommerce growth on Walmart.

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Amazon North America Q3 2020 results and analysis

16 Nov 2020

By: Rachel Dalton.  14 Slides

We analyze Amazon's latest financial results and highlight key North America initiatives and implications for suppliers.

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase

Summary Slides

2020 US retail year in review

4 Jan 2021

By: Kantar Research Team.  42 Slides

Kantar recaps the major macro, shopper, and retailer themes and developments that shaped a tumultuous year for the retail industry.

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The battle of the titans: Amazon vs. Walmart

10 Dec 2020

By: Lei Duran, Rachel Dalton.  40 Slides

As Amazon and Walmart vie to be the most-shopped retailer, we size up their shoppers, strategies, offers, experiences, and more.

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From disrupted to proactive: How retail is organizing for 2021

9 Dec 2020

By: David Marcotte.  31 Slides

After a year of disruption, discover where to invest in 2021, new partnering requirements, and new rules for omnichannel success.

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Online grocery: Double-clicking on 2020’s biggest retail trend

9 Dec 2020

By: Pam Goodfellow.  30 Slides

With COVID-19 shaking up the grocery industry this year, explore key trends and shopper behaviors impacting grocery’s digital future.

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The disrupted shelf: Adjusting to assortment changes

9 Dec 2020

By: Taylor Galland.  41 Slides

Learn new best practices for SKU optimization and space allocation across the omni shelf to minimize disruption to your portfolio.

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

Summary Slides

Store transformation: Key retailer strategies for 2021 and beyond

27 Oct 2020

By: Derya Guvenc.  28 Slides

How are stores changing in the New Normal? We identify the trends arising from 2020 that will impact on brand suppliers into next year and beyond.

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European Discounter Workshop: Day 1

1 Oct 2020

By: Ray Gaul, Simon Johnstone.  179 Slides

Our first session focuses on giants Lidl and Aldi, their response to Covid and what it means for your brand strategy into 2021 and beyond.

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Omnichannel and bricks & clicks

16 Sep 2020

By: Derya Guvenc, Kantar Analyst.  61 Slides

Understand the digital transformation now happening across mainstream retail and how it can impact the success of your business.

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Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 37 Make no mistake: COVID is forcing the final hold-outs among grocery and independent retailers to get very good with software and algorithms. This is long overdue. In recent years, we have seen numerous big chains in fashion, electronics, hobbies & games, ...

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Decoding online grocery satisfaction

26 Aug 2020

By: Pam Goodfellow.  20 Slides

The fifth module in our Online Grocery Series focuses on the nuances of satisfaction and solving beyond COVID-19 to build loyalty.

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends

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Searching for growth: The marketplace opportunity

10 Dec 2020

By: Reid Greenberg.  40 Slides

Learn why brands are turning to marketplaces to reach shoppers and size up the pros, cons, and implications of a marketplace strategy.


PoweRanking 2020: Agility Amid Ambiguity

8 Dec 2020

  By: Patrick Fellin

In its 24th year, Kantar’s annual industry benchmarking report identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard of performance, ranked by their trading partners.

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Preis, Preis, Maybe?

5 Oct 2020  By: Ray Gaul

Retail in the Week Ahead - Week 41 Kantar is holding a two-part webinar on European Discounters. This is the 18th year we’ve hosted this annual workshop designed for key account managers and their questions about how to improve results with Europe’s leading discounters. We hosted ...

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Test-and-learns are a common feature of grocery retail and online grocery is no exception. In fact, given the relative newness of the channel for many operators, it would be surprising were we not to see a vast amount of experimentation. With the coronavirus pandemic driving unprecedented uptake ...

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Evolution of the brand promise

11 Sep 2020  By: Ray Gaul

Retailers have always had two personalities. I explored this in my ‘Gemini Effect’ piece earlier this week. Now, to follow up on that, I would add the following thoughts on how the brand promise and retailer personas are evolving out of the crisis. 1. The persona most familiar to ...

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