Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful
multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers'
changing paths to purchase.
  • Reflecting on 2016: 4 Rising Tech Trends Reshaping eCommerce
    Kantar Retail has identified four key technologies that rose to the forefront in 2016, all of which will further evolve the retail-shopper relationship ...
  • Profiling the Prime Pantry Shopper
    As Amazon elevates its consumables offer, the retailer is experimenting with different channels, including Prime Pantry, to see what resonates ...
  • How Shoppers Shop Prime Now
    As Amazon grows its Prime Now one- to two-hour delivery platform, this snapshot examines shoppers use of the service, including its reach, trip ...
  • Amazon Go: No Lines, No Checkout as the New Normal
    Amazon’s continued push into the consumables space is undeniable. Looking forward, we’ll continue to watch and assess these three key questions.
  • Food Fight: The Four Behemoths in Online Grocery (Amazon, Walmart, Peapod, Kroger)
    Retailers from three different channels are all trying to capture share in online grocery. Amazon, ...
  • Amazon Assessed: Its Stance Today and Selling Through to Tomorrow
    To understand this immense disrupter – and to reach its massive shopper base – suppliers must understand the new pressures and expectations that ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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Coming off of its best-ever holiday selling season, Amazon continues to record solid growth, with fourth-quarter sales up 22% to USD43.7 billion. While Amazon missed analysts’ USD44.7 billion revenue estimate, the retailer maintained profitability throughout 2016, indicating that the flywheel ...

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The State of eCommerce in Japan

3 Feb 2017

By: Hidehiko Otake, Hiroaki Ihara.  39 Slides

The eCommerce landscape in Japan is fast and growing, representing the third largest retail channel. This comprehensive report sheds light on the channels, online retailers and shoppers to place your bets on in Japan moving forward.

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For the all-important fourth quarter, Amazon missed revenue estimates. While no doubt disappointing to investors, delivering year-on-year growth of 22.4% is not to be sniffed at, and no doubt the envy of rivals who’ve at best experienced a rather tepid festive season.  Although intense ...

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase


A Mobile Cause: How Mobile Apparel Shoppers Are Redefining the Store

27 Oct 2016

  By: Tiffany Hogan

While the U.S. market is woefully overstored and continued store count reductions are on the horizon, ShopperScape® data confirms that there is still a need for stores as part of many shoppers’ ideal shopping experience.


Triggering the Impulse Purchase Online

20 Oct 2016

  By: Alvaro Morilla

Understanding the techniques available to drive this all important purchase is now essential. Impulse is possible online, if you know which levers to pull and when to pull them.

Walking the Box

Apparel Store Visits: Back to School, Back to New

20 Sep 2016

By: Tiffany Hogan.  24 Slides

Retailers are mixing old strategies with new to drive sales and connect with shoppers as they transition into fall.

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Once again, it’s time for the fashion-filled, media-blitzed New York Fashion Week. The star of this year’s event so far is not a model, a designer or a collection, but the industry’s latest buzzword(s): wear now. The “wear now” seed has been germinating for a couple ...

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Kaufland Romania is the latest retailer to launch a Scan & Pay App (read the news here). This wouldn’t usually be big news, everybody’s doing it, but the fact the discounters are getting in on the act highlights the broader impact of digital on retailing. The App, which amongst ...

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

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Seasonal Retail Pulse: Valentine's Day 2017

14 Feb 2017

By: Kantar Retail Research Team, Mike Paglia.  53 Slides

Kantar Retail takes looks at the big cross channel themes emerging from the Valentine’s Day 2017 selling season, providing examples of in store and online execution, as well as key supplier takeaways.

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2016 Retail Year in Review

6 Jan 2017

By: Kantar Retail Research Team, Mike Paglia, Diana Sheehan.  46 Slides

Kantar Retail’s 2016 Year in Review publication features all the major themes and events that shaped retail in 2016.

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The French Marketplace Plot Thickens

13 Dec 2016  By: Tudor Popa

Intermarche announced it will launch its own Marketplace platform just in time for Christmas 2016. It has chosen to kick-off the service with home delivery as the only available fulfilment option while it scopes to deploy click-and-collect in early 2017. This announcement follows the recent ...


An Automated Future: How Shoppers Will Shop

12 Dec 2016

  By: Alvaro Morilla

A future where shoppers will automate their weekly shopping is not far away. Read about how that is going to change the way they shop, and get ready for the rise of the machines.

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Home Improvement Q3 2016 Results and Implications

2 Dec 2016

By: Nicole Santosuosso.  12 Slides

This quarterly report summarizes the highlights from the third quarter of 2016 at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Home Depot outpaced Lowe’s in overall sales and comps growth. Home Depot contributed its strong quarter to favorable weather and an extended outdoor project selling season.

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends


Digital Retailing Webinar: The Top Digital Themes to Plan Against in 2017

25 Jan 2017, 11:00 AM EST

The acceleration of eCommerce in 2016 was evident well beyond the hype of record breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales. Throughout the year, retailers and suppliers experimented with new eCommerce models and digital engagement channels to meet shoppers' demand for greater personalization, connection, and ease. Join Kantar Retail as we reflect on key eCommerce developments in 2016 and pinpoint emerging digital disruptors seen across Europe and the US that will rise in 2017. As ...

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The acceleration of eCommerce in 2016 was certainly evident well beyond the hype of record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales. As shoppers’ underlying desire to reduce stress intensified, more than half of shoppers cited online as their preferred means to a stress-free ...

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Kantar Retail’s European Outlook for 2017+

17 Jan 2017

By: Himanshu Pal, Kantar Retail Research Team.  35 Slides

Europe’s retail environment will confront disruption along three fronts in 2017: Economic and political; path to purchase and supply chain; and “We” versus “Me”. This report analyzes how these disruptions will reverberate across European markets, channels and retailers through the end of the decade.

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Kantar Retail’s U.S. Outlook for 2017+

17 Jan 2017

By: Amy Koo, Kantar Retail Research Team.  51 Slides

Kantar Retail’s guide to U.S. macroeconomic, shopper, and retailer expectations will be a critical resource for companies developing plans for 2017+. This is one of three must read Kantar Retail expectations decks for 2017+.

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Kantar Retail’s Global Outlook for 2017+

17 Jan 2017

By: Kantar Retail Research Team, Sara Al-Tukhaim.  48 Slides

Kantar Retail’s outlook for 2017+ spans eight global themes, 10 retailers, and six continents to equip retail players with the foresight to succeed amid the deceleration of global FMCG.

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