Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful
multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers'
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  • Amazon Executive Summary
    Our Kantar Retail experts’ Executive Summary of Amazon includes a look at the retailer's strategic positioning and an overview of its merchandising, ...
  • Jet.com: Shopper Essentials
    Post-Walmart acquisition, Jet.com continues to gain steam with shoppers. While it is unclear what that trajectory will look like going forward, ...
  • Differentiating with High-Touch Strategies in a High-Tech World: Six Points for Apparel Retailers to Remember
    Essential reminders for apparel retailers that customer service strategies ...
  • Amazon Prime Day and Mid-July Savings Events
    This visual summary examines the key themes and presentation during Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day. This year, Prime Day has certainly achieved unmatched ...
  • Shopper Dynamics of Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods
    Amazon shoppers are demanding grocery shoppers. Relative to all shoppers, they are more likely to prioritize fresh foods, a reliable in-stock ...
  • If Amazon Is a Behemoth Alibaba Is a Leviathan
    Alibaba is the biggest disruptor of the Asian eCommerce, technology and retail landscape. Now an omnipresent entity for the Chinese population, ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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For the three months to 30th June, the eCommerce leviathan Alibaba delivered another impressive set of results. Continuing to fly high, Alibaba delivered a 56% rise in Q1 revenues compared to the same period a year ago. This was driven by growth in online sales, which at 86% - up from 73% a ...

Five Slides

Amazon: The Five Slides You Need

11 Aug 2017

By: Meaghan Werle.  8 Slides

Get an overview of Amazon's market positioning with this deck that features a SWOT analysis, shopper profile, sales forecast, and an analysis of major strategic initiatives and their implications for suppliers.


Amazon SWOT Analysis

11 Aug 2017

By: Meaghan Werle.  1 Slides

Get a one-slide summary of Amazon's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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Amazon North America: Q2 2017 Results and Analysis

7 Aug 2017

By: Meaghan Werle.  23 Slides

This slide summary looks at Amazon’s Q2 2017 financial results, and highlights key North America initiatives and announcement during the period. It also identifies the key themes moving into the back half of 2017.

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Another exciting month concludes for the eCommerce giant. While exciting, keeping abreast of the disruption they’re causing is no mean feat. Luckily for you, we never stop monitoring what they’re up to, so here is a bite-sized summary for all the really important stuff. Amazon Q2 ...

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase


A Mobile Cause: How Mobile Apparel Shoppers Are Redefining the Store

27 Oct 2016

  By: Tiffany Hogan

While the U.S. market is woefully overstored and continued store count reductions are on the horizon, ShopperScape® data confirms that there is still a need for stores as part of many shoppers’ ideal shopping experience.


Triggering the Impulse Purchase Online

20 Oct 2016

  By: Alvaro Morilla

Understanding the techniques available to drive this all important purchase is now essential. Impulse is possible online, if you know which levers to pull and when to pull them.

Walking the Box

Apparel Store Visits: Back to School, Back to New

20 Sep 2016

By: Tiffany Hogan.  24 Slides

Retailers are mixing old strategies with new to drive sales and connect with shoppers as they transition into fall.

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Once again, it’s time for the fashion-filled, media-blitzed New York Fashion Week. The star of this year’s event so far is not a model, a designer or a collection, but the industry’s latest buzzword(s): wear now. The “wear now” seed has been germinating for a couple ...

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Kaufland Romania is the latest retailer to launch a Scan & Pay App (read the news here). This wouldn’t usually be big news, everybody’s doing it, but the fact the discounters are getting in on the act highlights the broader impact of digital on retailing. The App, which amongst ...

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

Executive Summary

Loblaw Executive Summary

13 Jul 2017

By: Rohini Birla.  21 Slides

Our Kantar Retail expert profile of Loblaw includes a look at the retailer's strategic positioning and an overview of its merchandising, marketing, and operations.


Differentiating with High-Touch Strategies in a High-Tech World: Six Points for Apparel Retailers to Remember

12 Jul 2017

  By: Tiffany Hogan

Essential reminders for apparel retailers that customer service strategies are still highly valuable, even in a digital-first world.

Five Slides

Morrisons - The Five Slides You Need

10 Jul 2017

By: Derya Yildiz.  7 Slides

Our Kantar Retail experts’ Point of View on Morrisons - SWOT Analysis, Key Initiatives, Key Financials, Growth Forecasts, and Supplier Implications.

Five Slides

Tesco Group - The Five Slides You Need

6 Jul 2017

By: Himanshu Pal.  8 Slides

Tesco is one the largest global retailers and the number one grocer in the UK.

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Walmart Q1 Results: Churning the Productivity Loop

30 Jun 2017

By: Laura Kennedy.  8 Slides

In Q1 2017, Walmart US made more moves to enhance its eCommerce business. But amidst the excitement in digital, traffic drove comps growth and the retailer’s dedication to Productivity Loop fundamentals in stores drove improvements in key measures.

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends

Summary Slides

Apparel Retailers to Watch: A Guide to Key Initiatives from Q2 2017

16 Aug 2017

By: Tiffany Hogan.  19 Slides

Luxury retailers were at the forefront of innovative trends this quarter as apparel retailing’s biggest disrupters and oldest stalwarts continue to announce new service-oriented strategies.


A Club Challenger: How Do Costco’s Prices Compare to Amazon?

Amid reports that Amazon is price comping Costco’s in-club pricing, Kantar Retail investigates the competitiveness between the two retailers.

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Amid one of the most exciting and evolving moments in U.S. grocery retail history, everyone is asking how big online grocery will really get. Grocery retailers are trying to understand the best strategies for tackling eCommerce, while manufacturers are trying to decide how to support the business. ...

Summary Slides

U.S. eCommerce Outlook: Category Group Forecasts

19 Jun 2017

By: Doug Hermanson, Robin Sherk.  12 Slides

This slide deck summarizes Kantar Retail’s U.S. online channel forecast and in-store versus online category spending forecasts to 2022.

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You may have seen the headlines this week—Walmart is phasing out Costco’s Kirkland Signature private label brand from its Jet.com platform.  While it’s an interesting new wrinkle in one of the biggest developments in eCommerce in the last year, I’ve received questions ...

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