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Amazon reported a record-breaking 40% increase in net sales for Q2 at USD88.9 billion, attributed to the pandemic-driven shift to online shopping. Operating income was up 89% to USD5.8 billion, despite the retailer spending over USD4 billion on COVID-related expenses. Operating cash flow increased ...

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Evidence suggests the UK is embarking on slow return to normalized shopping habits, although any return to pre-pandemic patterns may well still be some way off. Kantar Worldpanel data for the four weeks to 12 July 2020 reveals that, despite the reopening of non-essential retail and the hospitality ...

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Shopper behaviours have shifted dramatically throughout Lockdown, from stockpiling to a newfound enthusiasm for online shopping. Retailers have responded by adapting their capabilities to meet these new needs wherever possible. One noteworthy trend emerging as a result of these evolving shopper ...

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Channel mix challenges

20 Jul 2020  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 30 Channel mix, and managing it proactively, is the most fundamental challenge of any CPG brand’s long-term commercial strategy. Take a justified premium brand, put it in a discount channel, and you quickly lose the premium edge you once had. Take an ...

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18 June, dubbed as China’s mid-year Black Friday, is the second most prominent ecommerce shopping festival after Singles Day in China. This ecommerce event, as always, creates a huge sales opportunity for consumer brands in China and, given this is the first big event post COVID-19, it ...

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Mistakes in the age of Shopper-First

29 Jun 2020  By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 27 Just over five years ago, Kantar’s IQ team made a major push for CPG companies to embrace the ‘Age of Shopper-First’. Our goal was to help CPG companies prepare for the year 2020, a year when the best of the best retailers would be using ...

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Over five years ago, when Walmart began testing Online Grocery Pickup, it set in motion a strategy to use its scale and physical footprint to win in ecommerce in a Walmart way. It has since become the leader in online grocery by capturing nearly half of all shoppers. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ...

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The big picture from Alibaba’s full-year 2019 results is not around earnings per share (EPS) or revenue or even declining profits, but a clear indication that China’s ecommerce giant sees its future very much as an international operator. While it remains focused on cementing leadership ...

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Sam’s Club’s Q1 FY2021 marked Kathryn McLay’s first full quarter as CEO, and she has deftly handled the challenges posed by COVID-19. Sales and comps (with fuel) rose 9.6% and 8.5% respectively, but Sam’s Club’s performance is even more impressive than it first ...

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