About Kantar Consulting

Our analysis is based on robust data-driven research that looks across market, shopper, and customer trends to present the most accurate view of the top global retailers and markets. We focus on the implications that are driving change across retail -- today and into the future. The leading suppliers, brand manufacturers, retailers, financial services, and strategic marketing firms rely on our insights to transform their businesses.

Unparalleled breadth and depth of actionable analysis and data on:

  • Shopper/Consumer attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and preferences
  • Retailer growth, trends, and key performance strategies
  • Competitor position, strengths, weaknesses, and actions

Industry-leading expertise in transforming intelligence to insight:

  • How can you avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the opportunities within the ever-evolving retail landscape?
  • Why are consumers, shoppers, customers, and competitors acting as they are?
  • What are the implications of industry shifts for your business?
  • What are the capabilities and skills your team needs to win now and in the future?

Kantar Consulting Products

Kantar Retail IQ - Online Research Insights Platform

Kantar Consulting's online insights delivery platform enables our clients to stay ahead of market trends, build strategic business plans, and maximize growth opportunities.

Retail Insights

  • Superior breadth and depth of analysis — Comprehensive insights, articles, forecast & data reports, and event presentations delivered on the leading retailers, channels, global markets, and key topics
  • Accurate and actionable insights — Our research delivers an implications-focused point of view that enables our clients to grow their businesses through more effective business planning and execution

Shopper Insights

  • Primary data and unique, in-depth research — ShopperScape®, our proprietary monthly shopper survey, explores shopper motivations and behaviors through primary data, unique frameworks and distinct insights and analysis
  • Forward-looking point-of-view — Our powerful and timely insights into shoppers and the purchasing decision process enable our clients to maximize ROI through improved in-store execution and focus on key growth opportunities


Prepare your business for the future of retail with Kantar Consulting Events. Our retail experts assess and discuss where the risks and rewards will be for your business in tomorrow’s retail environment. Formats include:

  • Forums — Frame future trends and best-in-class case studies within Kantar Consulting’s unique insights on the surrounding, evolving retail landscape. Forums also help you build and validate planning assumptions, calibrate plan execution with a new understanding of the possible, and gain the tools to capture faster-than-market growth. By attending our events - walk away with a clear vision of what your business will need to do to win at retail in the future.
  • Workshops — Inform and prepare your business with forward-looking, specific insights and recommendations (Shopper, Customer, Team, Organizational Skills & Capabilities) centered around a specific retailer, channel, or market

Webinar Series

  • Actionable insights in a convenient, dynamic format — On-demand access to retail expertise via live and archived webcasts, available to all within your organization
  • Frequent access to our industry experts — Hear real time, actionable insight from Kantar Consulting experts, addressing everything from key customer strategies to the trends that are shaping an evolving retail marketplace


Kantar Consulting tailors our expertise and insights to your key retail account needs – delivered onsite or integrated into your featured event.

  • Trainers/facilitators use team exercises and audience discussion to explore your customer initiatives
  • Our fact-based insight provides credibility and a fresh perspective customized to your training needs
  • Our experts can deliver strategic insights to your senior leadership team


Kantar Consulting ShareGroups bring together non-competitive companies to have an open conversation regarding common challenges and opportunities. Benefits include:

  • Sharing real life examples of Best Practices which provide relevant, actionable insights
  • Brainstorm and problem solve on the key items that we are struggling with to help create strategies that will address them
  • Promote new thinking that will improve execution against our challenges and opportunities
  • These benefits will promote new and different ways of moving your business forward by implementing proven strategies from ShareGroup teammates and Kantar Consulting experts

Custom & Applied Research

Kantar Consulting helps answer your pivotal planning questions – transforming retailer and market insights into realistic, measurable action plans directly applied to your business and aligned with your "retail reality"

  • Our integrated approach means we work with you to solve the most pressing issues in a way best suited to your organization
  • Leverage our analysts global expertise to align with the future rather than orient according to the past

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