Kantar Retail IQ Insights

In today's disruptive environment, staying ahead of shopper, retail, and channel trends is a major challenge. Kantar Consulting's robust research insights, covering over 1,200 key retailers, 135 global markets, and all major channels of trade, help leaders assess opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, and frame go-to-market strategies. Our forward-looking insights help you understand not only how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing, but also the actions your business should take to drive competitive advantage.

Kantar Retail IQ, our online insights delivery platform, provides ROI and value through:

  • In-depth insights into your customers' strategic directives to assist your commercial teams with their negotiations and account planning.
  • Accurate data so you can resource appropriately against your near- and longer-term internal planning goals and growth targets.
  • Assessments of retail trends that will highlight areas for growth (top and bottom line) and help you avoid losses in the changing retail landscape. Our online portal, Kantar Retail IQ, is your personal Web-based resource for research across retail, shopper, macro, and digital.

Retail Insights


Retailer Insight Centers are the central hubs for all of Kantar Retail IQ's insight and analysis about a particular retailer. Visit these destinations to:

  • Identify significant developments, performance, and outlook for a specific retailer.
  • Get in-depth assessment and strategic insight from retail experts.
  • Access demographic summary, circular overview, and market-share trends through retailer forecast and data reports.
  • Get the latest news for a specific retailer.

Shopper Insights


Shopper Insights provides actionable research and analysis on shopper motivations, intentions, and behavior. Powered by our monthly ShopperScape® Survey, our in-depth written analysis and trended data reports help you:

  • Keep pace with shoppers’ shifting attitudes on key topics such as digital marketing, holiday spending, the economy, and more.
  • Get the facts behind who is winning and losing shoppers and cross-shopping.
  • Understand who is shopping where and why, and what factors are affecting behavior.

Macroeconomics Insights


Stay updated with our economists’ views on macro trends shaping the U.S. and world economies and how these trends impact retailing, shoppers, and trade practices in key markets. Visit this center for:

  • Retail-relevant data: We track hundreds of indicators with a special focus on household spending categories, retail channels, and related price measures.
  • Forecasts of retail categories and channels: Our “top down” macro forecasts of about 30 key categories and 20 retail channels are impactful on their own as well as an input into our “bottom up” forecasts by retailer and format.
  • Retail implications: Our macro approach features implications specific to retailers and suppliers operating across a range of retail channels, from Apparel to Warehouse Clubs and online.

Digital Insights


The Digital Insight Center provides easy access to perspectives on the impact of digital on the retailing industry and, more specifically, across multiple retail channels. The Digital Insight Center consolidates relevant news, cross-channel insights, retailer-specific articles, slides, and blogs on digital retailing. Insights drawn from multiple content streams and client interactions are aligned to the most critical business issues being raised:

  • Understanding Amazon and the impact of pure-play retailers.
  • Understanding the shopper’s evolving path to purchase.
  • Developing multichannel retail strategies.
  • Staying ahead of emerging trends.