Shopper Insights

Understand shopper needs, motivations, behaviors, barriers, and triggers across the shopper journey to the point of decision.

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Powered by ShopperScape®, our proprietary monthly shopper survey, our data and experts’ analysis provide answers about key issues such as:

  • Trends in shoppers’ outlet choices and behavior across outlets.
  • Cross-shopping, leakage, and which retailers are winning and losing.
  • Online and mobile shopping trends.
  • Differences in shopping behavior across generational cohorts and demographic segments.
  • Economic impact on shopper spending and saving behaviors.
  • Shoppers’ trip missions and pretrip planning.
  • Shifting attitudes on key topics such as digital marketing, holiday spending, health and wellness, and other timely issues.


The top manufacturers, retailers, and marketing agencies rely on Kantar’s Shopper Insights to stay ahead of emerging trends.

Consumer Goods Manufacturers

  • Create meaningful conversations with your retail customers based on a rich understanding of their shopper trends and challenges.
  • Learn how the Path to Purchase is changing to develop effective 4P strategies and plans.
  • Gain shopper insight beyond your category, and ensure your promotional strategies are informed by key shopper trends.


  • Get an in-depth view of your shoppers, and understand where else they are shopping and why.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your competitive landscape.
  • Understand timely issues such as how the economy is affecting shoppers’ spending plans, and holiday and seasonal shopping behavior.

Marketing Agencies

  • Gain insight into how shopper behavior, expectations and loyalty differ across retailers, channels and demographic segments to effectively tailor your strategies.
  • Learn how digital influences are affecting shopper behavior to help you build effective shopper marketing programs.

From in-depth analysis and reports written by our experts, to direct access to the ShopperScape® data, Kantar has a solution to meet your needs, whatever the size of your shopper team.


Shopper Insight Center

Shopper Insight Center

Learn from in-depth analysis and reports written by our experts leveraging ShopperScape® data.

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ShopperScape® Database

ShopperScape® Database

Comprehensive and powerful, you have direct access to year over year trends as well as topical issues important to today’s shopper. With complete access to the entire survey, you can custom build the reports you need to answer a multitude of business questions.

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ShopperScape® Dashboards

ShopperScape® USA Dashboards

Turnkey dashboards covering the high level who, where, and why of today’s shopper. Perfect for tracking behavioral changes month over month in areas like shopper spending intentions, retailer penetration, and overall financial health.

Canadian Shopper Insights

Canadian Shopper Insights

This holistic view of the Canadian shopper combines self-reported data and expert analysis to highlight behavioral shifts, pinpoint preferences, and provide the data necessary to support business decisions.


  • ShopperScape® Dashboards: