Understand the How and Why of Today's Canadian Shoppers

This holistic view of the Canadian shopper combines self-reported data and expert analysis to highlight behavioral shifts, pinpoint preference, and provide the data necessary to support business decisions.


Why Canadian Shopper Insights?

  • A turnkey, budget friendly way to gain perspective on the Canadian retail and shopper landscape to obtain information that will contextualize your argument.
  • On-demand access to nine customizable Dashboards enables your team to pull custom reports with drop-and-click ease to enhance specific narratives.
  • Analysis from in-market experts who translate the primary survey data into actionable insights, and help you elevate your planning.
  • Benchmark 2017 shoppers against 2016 and 2014.

Prepare for quickly shifting shopper expectations as Dollarama's reach expands and Amazon Prime is rapidly adopted.

Merchandise Group Coverage

  • Edible Grocery
  • Household Products
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Family Entertainment
  • Stationary & Office Supplies
  • Celebration & Party Supplies

Retailer Coverage

  • Grocery
  • eCommerce
  • Convenience
  • Club
  • Value Discounters
  • Drug Stores
  • Mass Merchandisers/
  • Hypermarkets

NEW IN 2017: Home Improvement

The Canadian Shopper Insights license provides you with four annual in-depth reports and access to nine interactive dashboards covering:

Shopper patterns and opinions

Regional differences by key account

Shopper value considerations

Loyalty cards, membership programs and their impact

How It Works?

Canadian Shopper Insights draws from an annual survey of 6,500 household grocery and consumables shoppers to provide actionable insights and analysis. Easily visualize, export and manipulate the data through nine interactive dashboards that highlight who the shopper is, how they behave, and why they prefer one retailer over a competitor. The dashboards cover all leading grocery and consumables retailers along with 30+ departments so that you have the data to support growth in the Canadian market.


Who is shopping at key retailers and are demographics shifting


Where else do shoppers of a specific retailer shop and how has that changed over time


What percentage of shoppers visited a retailer in the past 3 months vs. past 7 days

trip missions

Primary reason shoppers went to a retailer; what needs were they satisfying

Retailer Performance

How well a given retailer performs on shoppers’ assessment of the experience provided

Departments Shopped

Which departments contributed to the basket and how did shoppers rate them

Trip Frequency

How often shoppers visited a specific retailer in a given time frame

Main Store

Primary store for shoppers' food, health and beauty, and non-food grocery needs


Which programs shoppers of a selected retailer belong to

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