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Holiday 2019—Shopper Review

30 Jan 2020

By: Caroline Dumas.  34 Slides

Digital ultimately dominated this holiday season, and despite leading overall, Amazon’s slice of the (toy) pie was smaller than expected, while Walmart and Target ran away with the prize.

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Download on the shopper

14 Jan 2020

By: Mary Brett Whitfield.  37 Slides

ShopperDNA is an attitudinal segmentation that identifies the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of how someone approaches shopping. This comprehensive overview provides a robust understanding of key shopper types.

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Top shopper shifts that will disrupt shopping routines

13 Dec 2019

By: Mary Brett Whitfield.  31 Slides

Some obvious shopper shifts could significantly influence shopping behavior over the next decade, such as Centennials entering adulthood and forming families at one end of the spectrum and an overall aging population at the other.

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An investigation into health and wellness shoppers

3 Dec 2019

By: Caroline Dumas.  16 Slides

As retailers build their credentials as health and wellness resources, new Kantar research explored in a series of reports aims to unpack shoppers’ health and wellness. In this final edition, we investigate health and wellness shopper groups and strategies for targeting each.

Understanding Shoppers at Retailers

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Apparel: Sustainable shopping and the role of resale

11 Nov 2019

By: Caroline Dumas.  17 Slides

As sustainability continues to grow as a hot button topic, the role sustainability plays in shoppers’ decision making is evolving and has implications for the budding resale market as a sustainable outlet.


Is CarePass the future of CVS’s loyalty strategy?

28 Oct 2019

  By: Ben Antenore, Caroline Dumas

CVS’s recent decision to expand its CarePass progress suggests that it will be an increasingly important part of CVS’s loyalty strategy. How might it develop in the future?

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Understanding the Amazon shopper within the broader omni-shopper landscape

23 Oct 2019

By: Jonathan Young.  21 Slides

Understand today's omni-shopper mindset and behavior. Discuss the latest findings on the Amazon shopper as compared to the Amazon Prime shopper. Identify best practices for building engaging and relevant shopper experiences on Amazon.

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The rise of celebrity beauty brands

10 Oct 2019

By: Tiffany Hogan, Caroline Dumas.  16 Slides

Celebrity beauty brands are on the rise. See what their success means for the category and what traditional brands can learn from their success.

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Comparative Retailer Dynamics

Cross-shopping, market trends, and comparative retailer views.

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