Shopper Trends

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Shoppers final holiday wish list

10 Dec 2020

By: Mary Brett Whitfield.  9 Slides

Holiday spending intentions remain subdued, but expectations of retailers rachet up in a pandemic-influenced holiday season.

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Sustainable Shopping Patterns

5 Nov 2020

By: Ellie Pinto.  27 Slides

Take a closer look at shoppers’ environmental concerns and their resulting attitudes and behaviors.

Understanding Shoppers at Retailers

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Winning with Walmart’s omnicommerce shopper

17 Nov 2020

By: Mary Brett Whitfield.  29 Slides

Our shopper expert showcases areas where you can align your brand with the ever-evolving Walmart shopper across commerce platforms.

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Annual Retailer Shopper Profiles

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Comparative Retailer Dynamics

Cross-shopping, market trends, and comparative retailer views.

Latest ShopperScape® SnapShot

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